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  Environmental Engineering Services - since 1992

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     Environmental Site Assessments in Bay Area, San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, Hayward, Fairfield, Sacramento Area, and in Vallejo - California.


Environmental site assessment, environmental soil and groundwater sampling and analyses, environmental excavations, environmental remediation systems, monitoring wells installation, soil borings, inspection for asbestos, environmental risk assessment, environmental case closure.

Since 1992, our environmental engineers prepared Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment - Cost $1,750 and other Environmental Assessment Reports and provided environmental and technical services such as: soil, groundwater, soil vapor, soil gas, and vapor intrusion sampling / testing for environmental assessment projects, for environmental remediation, and for environmental compliance for TCE and PCE - PERC at dry cleaner and for industrial properties contaminated by gasoline, diesel, solvents such as PCE - PERC and by TCE.

Environmental technical engineers specialize in closing our Client's environmental case by assessing the risk posed by environmental contaminants to human health.

Environmental technical engineers act as the Client's representative in conducting environmental site investigations, implementing cost-effective environmental remedial measures and negotiating with environmental regulators successful environmental case closure.   

We are looking forward to an opportunity to prove to you that our technical environmental consultants is your firm of choice for all your environmental and engineering needs!

Environmental Contact Information

San Francisco Bay Area   (925) 308-9200

San Jose Area   (408) 457-8182

      Fresno Area      (559) 408-5510

Sacramento Area   (916) 779-9612

Toll Free FAX Number:   (888) 802-1634


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If you need environmental site assessment or asbestos testing in the San Francisco Bay Area & Beyond call today to let ALFA Environmental to be the solution to your environmental assessment or asbestos concerns.

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